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want me to see something? i track guccidan

participate in my phandom jar for VidCon 2014!

i reblog strictly youtubers ((i have two other blogs so i dont post anything else here))

was an exo blog for a day i think ha


until VidCon!


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this has been a “dan howell looks hella cute” appreciation post (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~

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Dan's collar bones (requested by troybootyon)

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9 photos of Dan Howell

↳ requested by awrfdan ♡

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me too me too 


are you serious

  "(about ur read more post) my close friends and i always hold hands or do the old fashion link arms while walking grandma thing. and we lean on eachother when we sit down and stuff or put our heads on each other shoulders"

 i wonder if this is jsut a friend thing or what

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tru friendship

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