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want me to see something? i track guccidan

participate in my phandom jar for VidCon 2014!

i reblog strictly youtubers ((i have two other blogs so i dont post anything else here))

was an exo blog for a day i think ha


until VidCon!

  "-.- what fandom are u even in"


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Make me choose: Zoe Sugg or Emma Blackery (asked by anonymous)

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me and jennas conversations are just us sending each other pictures of exo members and crying

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zoella280390; color analysis

inspired by {x}

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the colors of amazingphil
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im dropping out of school to become a full time member of the squirtle squad

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Dan's YouNow Liveshow 15.04.14
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join da clique

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insp +

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  "hi for that submit a picture thing does it need to be like Phil and Dan or like kpop or something or can it be anything"

 id prefer it to be dan and phil or kpop or anything that i have an interest in but if i have an inspiration for it ill try(:

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